I served as project manager for these four videos for MKThink, made by Left Brain/ Right Brain Productions. I was responsible for coordinating interviews, locations, schedules, content, copy, and creating talking points for each subject that was interviewed. Shoutout to Fabián from LBRB who was a dream to collaborate with.

Renewable Energy Architecture for Cultural and Human Environments (REACHE) is a program spearheaded by MKThink, RoundhouseOne, and the Office of Naval Research. This short film looks at the development of the program through its various phases, from research to field tests to prototyping, all in pursuit of a more system-oriented understanding of how built environment assets, culture, and environmental factors all affect human performance.

The Harmony Building was a concept for a new community building in Louisville, Kentucky. Formerly Louisville's Women's Business Club, innovative in its time, the vacant building’s owner wanted to reinvigorate the space with similar aspirations in a contemporary context. The overarching goal of the project was to catalyze a revitalization of downtown Louisville as an innovative, data-driven business district.

A short documentary feature describing the transformation of the Town School for Boys in San Francisco. Set in an dense urban environment, the school underwent a five year planning, design, and construction process with MKThink to modernize and expand the school's educational potential.

MKThink combines design thinking and analytics to address issues at the intersection of culture, process, and the built environment. This short documentary showcases the inner-workings of the firm's practice, offering insight about their mutli-faceted approach and culture of innovation.