Last Address is a series of 36 tribute drawings completed over a 6-year span in collaboration with Alex Fialho. The project takes inspiration from Ira Sachs' poignant short film of the same name, Last Address, which can be seen in full at

The drawings celebrate the lives and careers of artists who lived, worked, and died in New York from HIV/AIDS. Most drawings take the shape of a flower—a token of memory for each artist incorporating important symbols from their lives and careers. The 2018 and 2019 iterations also include “Lost Addresses,” commemorating bygone queer spaces. 

Alex organized seven Last Address Tribute Walks as a tangible complement to the history and the drawings. They began with Dirty Looks NYC in 2013 and continued with Visual AIDS from 2014–2019. During the walks, a drawing and a single rose were left at the address of each subject, accompanied by a reading, performance, or other celebration of life by an invited guest. The events drew around 50 attendees each year, with speakers including Samuel Delany, Egyptt LaBeija, Casey Spooner, Precious Ebony, and Frederick Weston.

The drawings and an interview about the project were featured in an article on the Visual AIDS website in 2015.
You can view the full event descriptions and see photos from each walk on the Visual AIDS website here.